September 20th, 2016

No Pain No Gain

Again I didn't have enough sleep last night, anyway this morning i felt great. Sadly day at work was hard and I got home a lil later.
i took my BBG guide and looked the exercises..this looked like it will hurt... so much ermm.gif
So much jumps... sumo jump squats, burpess, jump lunges and weight in most of the exercises... and skipping!!!! ok skipping no way to do it at night in a flat if you want your neighbors don't hate you CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg
I did all the rest of the routine for today streching my muscles time to time and after finish it. So far my legs are tired but not pain, let's see what happens tomorrow. I'm a little afraid of this second month of the BBG, seems really hard so I need to eat better to get more energy. If I see that I'm not able to train so hard then I will go back to first month. Not sense hurt my muscles and need stop to heal it. I don't want stop my workout, I don't care if I'm tired, I get my period, if it's hot or cold. I'm going to finish the BBG 1 and also I will do the BBG 2 291.gif

I did a mistake tonight... I drank coffee because I was sleepy playing some games with Mike, and now I will not be able to sleep 1068973_34_y.jpg

Clash of Clans

Few days ago I found a game to my new cell phone called Clash of Clans. Seems cute so I started to play it. Michael used to play and he still had it in his phone so he wanted to play with me and help me. I like that he wants always do things together girl_pinkglassesf.gif
Of course Mike is lvl 99 and he has a pro village lol and I got obsessed with this game. So good every thing I want update start to take 1 or more days because otherwise I would play all day long

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Another good day

I went to work and a coworker was waiting for me with a chocolate jurassic-park.jpg

Busy day but I was alone in the office most of the day. I'm happy about all the new skills I'm getting, this will help me a lot on my own project. I checked my bank account and Surprise! I got some extra money that I dind't know I was going to get, that was very nice.

I feel the muscles of my legs tired but it doesn't hurt as i expected, another nice sourprise!. As usual last night I didn't have much sleep and went I got home today I was very sleepy. Anyway I went to English Institute because I don't want miss any lesson... my pronunciation still sucks but I'm getting better to hear.

I had 3 coffees again during the day, but at night i drank tea. Let's see if I fall asleep more early today. I'll stop writing now and go to bed