September 24th, 2016

Good news!

Seems next month I will fix the issue with one of my projects and I'll be able to run it again. Well, right now im running it but making less money that I was making before.
This make me very happy because even when I need spend money to move a new flat I'll be able to see Mike again. I don't know when I will see him, I don't have any date on mind but today he asked me one more time when can we meet again. This made me so happy.
When I got home I got a little emo but Mike called me and he changed my mood in few minutes. After talk with him I did my workout, week 5 done!!!!!!! Tomorrow I will do cardio and streching, and let's see what happens in week 6.

More good news!

I sold the couch! someone called me today and few hours after they was in my house to pick the couch i was selling. So I keep the nice couch and sold the other. I still have furniture I need sell before move to another flat.
About the flat I want rent it will be free next month so let's see if I can get it. 291.gif
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I'm looking the week 6 of bikini Body Guide. It's different to the first 5 weeks. Monday is day for Arms and Abs, I think I can deal with this. Wednesday is Abs and cardio day... cardio will be hard. Friday is legs and cardio day, so many jumps.. I'm sure it will kill my legs. I'm started to be afraid of this guide lol
I got the "Healthy eating and lifestyle Plan" too, so I will try eating better to have energy or I will not be able to survive the workout. i need start drinking my fruit smoothies with spinach and yogurth. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the market to buy food and maybe I will cook for the week.  

Games of Thrones Season 6

I watched the second chapter while I was in the exercise bike, that is a good way to do LISS without get bored bbg.jpg
I'm not sure yet how I feel about this season. It's a bit predictable what would happen with Jhon Snow, and to be honest I want watch the next chapter right now but I want streaching and I need get a shower then probably Mike and I will do something together. Maybe I will continue watching in few hours.