September 25th, 2016

Officially sick

Today I woke up very sick. It's not allergy how I thought it was. Or maybe yes but not just allergy, it's flu also. My eyes are swollen and light hurt me so much, and I have headache. I hardly ever get really sick but when I do, I can stay sick for days and days because sickness is very slow on me. It's like my body fight so hard to not get sick delaying the whole process. It will not stop me with my workout, no way. I don't care how bad I will feel tomorrow but I'm not going to skip my workout.
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I went to the market, yes even when I feel so bad. It's sunny so I walked there. Nothing special with shopping but I bought this product that I read some good reviews about it. I don't trust in its name... 3 minute miracle 😞 but let's give a chance to it. I bought too a capillary treatment without salt. I didn't know this kind of products can have salt. I will try it now and see if this do any kind of 'miracle' with my hair.

Edit: I tried the 3 minute miracle. Of course this does no miracle but this works very fine. I have too many hair and when it is drying it get spongy. Because the hair dye it doesn't shine so much. This hair conditioner let my hair silky and less spongy. Maybe when I use it many times it will work better.

Essie 291

Was looking for some art nails to do but feeling so bad better just paint my nails in the classic way. This is nice pink color from Essie number 291 'Sit me in the front row'