September 28th, 2016

Sickness and work

Today was very hard to wake up and come to work but I can't skip it, I don't want ruin my promotion. I started my day doing 15 quotes for a customer, not funny at all but after it I didn't have so much to do.
I cough and I have runny nose, but at least I don't have temperature. I could not finish my lunch but I forced myself to eat something because today I'm going to do workout, doesn't matter how bad I feel. It 's the same with English lessons yesterday. I forced myself to went to the class. My teacher told me Nati you can go home if you feel bad! but NO WAY! I need improve my English fast.
I need things running. I need stop wasting my time. There are things I want to do like sleep more, playing games, watching all the series I stopped watching, reading books, etc but I already spending years doing these things, now is time to get goals

BBG Wednesday

Today Arms and cardio. I did all but skipping. I can't do it in a flat 9 pm. If I want be able to finish this guide there is what I need to improve: eating and resting. I also need do more LISS because I skip it always.

I got the calendar to organize my routine

I need start doing 4 sessions of LISS, a little hard with my schedule but I need to try it.