September 29th, 2016

National Coffee Day

Somethinng I like about American ppl is they have a National Day for everything. Each day of each month has a "National day of..." This is very funny to have an excuse to celebrate always something different if you want. In my country we just have national holidays (18 at year) and many "name-day" that I think nobody celebrate at all.
So today in U.S. they celebrate the National Coffee Day and even when I'm not from U.S. I will celebrate it! This is a perfect excuse to a coffee addict to drink more coffee coffeebath.gif

There some coffee I bought in Orlando with Mike

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After my post about National Coffee Day I saw the entry I posted yesterday... If I want improve my eating and resting I need drink less coffee 128fs4765852.gif
Drinking too much coffee is also bad for my bruxism and keep me dehydrated all the time even when I drink enought water.
I went to the market, near my work, and I bought yogurth, cereals and strawberries... I'm replacing one coffee for this, and it will be very hard but I can do it.


Today I'm alone. Nobody in my office, I don't complain about it. I did all my work then now I just wait the time for leave and go home.
Michael is going to his sister's wedding so we didn't talk so much today. Last night he showed me the clothes he is wearing today, he looks really good in my opinion. A purple shirt that is great for his white skin and blue eyes,  black suit and a tie purple, black and pink.
Well... right now he sent me another pic, I love how he looks today!!!
I was getting anxious because he just messaged me twice today. I know he is busy because the weeding so I don't want bother him, but I miss him so much. But now that he just messaged me to show me how he looks I'm calm. blush.gif
Luckily when I leave work I have to go to post office and then I go to english Institute. So I will be busy untill 9pm and when I get home I will do LISS in the exercise bike, maybe watching some serie.
I can't say why I'm anxious and it will keep on for the next months. I need deal with this without take pills. Workout and writing this journal will help me to deal with anxiety... I hope.
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I don't know how I feel today. I got home late from work then I ran to the English Institute... I was the only student in the class today. We are delayed with the program because everybody miss lessons, I don't feel I'm improving my english this year.
Went I got home I did LISS in the exercise bike watching Games of Thrones season 6 episode 3. I think the rol is playing Tyron Lannister so far is boring.
I cooked zucchini with carrots and cheese for dinner and I had few strawberries for dessert. Mike is still in the wedding, not sure if he has fun or he is drunk but he didn't message me for hours, and I don't think he will do it today.
I wish feel asleep and get some rest but seems it will not happens. i'm going to take half pill to see if it helps.