September 30th, 2016

Time to move on and change things

It's time to grow up and move on, is time to change. I was looking my journal and I saw there is too much about Michael, too much about feelings, etc etc. Why?! if I'm single!!!!
Is time to put focus on me, and no in other person who has focus in himself bbg.jpg
I suvive alone, I don't need anyone who pay my rent and food. I run my own projects. I'm earning money by my skills. And I still can get men more young than me to have fun 84.gif

Is time to be awesome by myself and not because I'm "the girl of".. time to put more lipstick and attack happy0196.gif
Let's fall in love with myself and fuck you all !!!!

People always sucks

OMFG... I try to don't worry about this but my mind started to harass me with 9374875634785 doubts... I can't help.
I can't trust in anyone, I can't trust for nothing. I need to keep safe in every way.
You harass someone because you are drunk and the person got mad and kick you... what if the person liked you? you end fucking with this person just "cuz you was drunk"
And when you are drunk you do the things that you want to do when you are sober but for some reason you have to hold it (shame, fear, etc)...
Do you know what???? FUCK YOU ALL

I'll be like you are and give you the same that you give me... that is fair