October 1st, 2016

BBG Friday week 6

Legs and Cardio day... when I saw the exercises I thought I would not be able to do it. When I got home I argued with Michael and I was so upset that I started my workout and I finish it without skip one exercise or repetition... I can't believe!!! 84.gif
Now my legs are dying, I didn't do LISS today, I will do it tomorrow. I feel so happy with myself about my workout, maybe I can hold all the guide bbg.jpgbbg.jpgbbg.jpgbbg.jpg

YES I DID IT! Just_Cuz_13.gif

Girl stuff

Work today was so boring!! and I'm so sleepy because last night i stay awake chatting with Mike till 3 am. When I got home I did LISS watching Game of Thrones s6 e5... I almost cry!!! stupid serie lol
I ate pizza (after workour yes happy0196.gif) and I took a shower. I went out to buy a red shoes I saw during the week, but they don't fit me and I didn't see another one who I like .... so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I will try the hair treatment now and maybe I'll depilate my legs with my laser epilator. I want do many things but I'm so sleepy, want take a nap tbh but is late for it, so I'm drinking a Dunkin donuts coffee. I need to do my nails this weekend also.
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I'm so tired that I can't do nothing. I played 2 hours with Mike and it is all I was able to do. But it's early to sleep! I don't want even eat, so i will drink tea and watch 1 episode of GOT, then sleep.