October 2nd, 2016

Weird day =/

Today I really don't know what I want. I want sleep and rest but want stay awake, watching series, playing with mike, or doing other things. I ate 2 small piece of pizza but I was not hungry, now I have a coffee that is not a coffee, just dirty water.
I watched episode 7 of games of Thrones then I feel awake and I come to the pc to play with Mike, because we are bored. When we start playing I know I will feel sleepy 1068973_34_y.jpg
what I want today?
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Sleeping Beauty

Today was so hard to wake up!. I slept 12 hours and I had to force myself to get up. It was raining so i was stuckked in the bed falling asleep all the time. I didn't do so much so far. Drink coffee and play siege with Mike. I'm not going to do workout today, I like doing something even in the rest day but my legs are so tired after Friday, and tomorrow is legs day again.
6.30 pm... not sure what I will do the few hours left of this Sunday.
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(no subject)

well I didn't so much. I cooked quinoa. It's very easy to cook but I need get a better way to wash it. I will buy a strainer for was the quinoa, that I have has big holes and doesn't work for this, and if you don't was very well the quinoa it taste a little bitter.
I washed my make up brushes and blender sponge, then I smoothed my hair very fast.
Now I want do my nails, let's see if can do something different than usual