October 5th, 2016

Ready for another good day!

Mom just message me and told me there is the flat I want to rent empty. When I leave work today I'm going to see the flat and I will decide if I want rent it or not. The rent is not cheap not expensive, $4700 monthly + $1000 expenses and it raise 15% semiannually. I already have the money to sign the contract if I decide do it, so maybe next month I'm mopving to new flat!
My mom and my sister live together in the same building. I'm trying to work in our relationship but it's very hard sometimes, mom and my sister can be very intolerant and moody. Mom is trying to change it but my sister is always jealous and in bad mood. 97.gif
I hope I like the flat, I'm sure I will if it is similar to mom's flat 
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I got new apartment!

After work I went to see an apartment to rent, the one in the same building where mom and sister live. I thought it will be small as the others i saw before but it isn not so small! I'm very happy!!!

I took few pics to can think how I will organize my forniture but they are bad pics. I just need to sell one of my tables with the chairs. This week I will pay to they reserve the apartment to me, then next month I'm going to move there. I really have so much to do now!!!!

There the principal door, then the living room. (well....half). the door on the wall is the bedroom, the other door is a small restroom

the small restroom

the kitchen has spot for washing machine also (my niece there)

ok the pic of the bedroom sucks, i know

the wardrobe

the batheroom next to the bedroom

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