October 7th, 2016

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Yesterday I did a payment to the landlord for the apartment. In the next 3 weeks they will prepare all the papers to sign and next month I'm moving there.
Mom bought some plants to my new house.... lol

Coffee or not coffee, this is the question...

Wednesday I didn't do workout because Mike wanted my attention blush.gif and yesterday I didn't do LISS because I got home late. So bad! I have too many things to do and I don't know how I will organizate my time to do all. Plus I'm trying to drink less coffee but sleeping just few hours so I feel tired and sleepy all day long. Maybe I should try to cut coffee after I move to new apartment, not now.
I still need to sell furniture, pack my stuff, throw more things in the trash, fix all that doesn't work in the apartment I'm now, move to the other, organize all there, do a website (maybe two), keep doing my workout, study English for the final exam, and organize all in my work to my new position, plus in December we have Anual meeting. I have to sew some clothes that Mike want I try! I need work on my projects also and I'm not going to have vacations untill March when I'm going to U.S. again with Mike.
This month is Mike's birthday and mother's day and next month is mine birthday. I want send something to Mike, but I don't know what.

Damn... I need coffee coffeebath.gif
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Something changed

I don't have idea what I did but I'm so happy I did it whatever it was. Since days I feel Mike changed. He become very lovely and sweet, and he started talking about his feelings. When I met him I said myself 'ok let's leave aside the romanticism' because now I prefer a man less romantic but honest instead one who use romanticism just for get what he wants, as many men do. And he was normal, I was comfortable with him. Latelly him become super romantic and I love it! I even had to ask to him if he was joking or being serious about his feeling lol
He feels something changed on him, is not just me who realize this. I just hope he keeps in this way because he is making me soooooo happy 1f63b.png