October 8th, 2016

The Pillow

So today market bring my order and I got the pillow I bought online. It is not the kind of pillow I was looking for and it is one piece. But seems like it can be really good for side sleepers like they say. Not sure if I would feel comfortable with it but I will try. Anyway next month I'm going to buy another different pillow because I want to change all the pillows in the bed.

1st try with the pillow

I don't know yet how I feel about the new pillow. My back hurt a little but I guess this is not for the pillow but for the workout yesterday. It was Arms day and it alwys make my arms and back hurt. So far I feel my neck is ok, no pain there. But I will need test the pillow few days more to see if it make my back hurt or not. Is really very weird to sleep with a rigid pillow.

Lol I never thought I will do a review of it happy0196.gif
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A day with you

Sooo, I have so much to do but I'm doing nothing lol just messing around with Mike. We wake up at midday then we got coffee and we went back to the bed a few more. After it we played games a lil adn we went back to the bed for a while. Then I had coffee again and we continue playing. We both had things to do in new houses but today we feel like staying together and relaxed ><
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