October 9th, 2016


4am still awake doing things with Mike. I like we can share everythings and never get bored. There is a list about things we can make together, I really have a lot of fun with him Just_Cuz_13.gif

Pillow day 2

Still feel uncomfortable with it but I have to say that when I wake up my neck doesn't hurt at all. And I think I started to sleep on my back. I wonder if this can help with my bruxism but so far I still grind my teeth as usual.

BBG week 7 done

Arms still hurt so much because workout. And today I will do abs. I need finish the week 7 of BBG I'm delayed this week.
Tomorrow I have day off again and it will be Arms day.... pain is coming.

I could use all these days off to pack my stuff, etc, I thought I will have free time since Mike has to move his things to new house but seems he doesn't want do it. He stays with me almost all day and I enjoy it so much. Now he is napping a little so I will do my workout and take a shower because I know we are to stay together until late tonight. 
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Make up

Ok I find a way to makeup my eyes... eyelines just on the waterline and smokey, I don't have to use eyeliner in the eyelid. I need try others way to see hoe this looks.