October 10th, 2016

Pillow day 3

I hate but love this pillow. Still can't feel comfortable using it but neck and arms don't hurt while I'm sleeping.
What I can't still know if I'm sleeping on my side or on my back, but I stopped waking up in the middle of the night because arms hurt.. that is very nice. 
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Weird dreams

So last night Mike and me had weird dreams... we both dreamed with the other and with bugs! lol
He dreamed that we were in our house then some cockroach came into and was hard to kill it, and even when it dying it let his eggs everywhere and we burned it. I will not look on google what bugs means in a dream, I think he dreamed it because there in his new house he found some similar bugs, and maybe he dreamed with me because I'm who he wants living with him.
I dreamed with spiders.... a lot of they. First was just one then Mike took a cat and put him near the spider to the cat catches it. But there in a bedroom I could see for the windows a lot of spider everywhere. In my dream he killed all the spiders I don't know how. A curious coincidence 126fs2277341.gif

What to do today?

We both woke up at midday. Mike will be busy so I need use the free time to pack my things, god I did nothing this weekend just stayed with him. But I can't complain, I love sharing time together bbg.jpg

I don't have empty boxes to pack my stuff, maybe I will go out to pick some, not sure i really don't want go out today. Funny, we will move to new houses in the same month, lol
Ok let's work!


I'm not doing so much yet but I started to throw more things in the trash. I really need boxes to can start packing the stuff, I just have 20 days left to do it while I work, study English, workout, etc. Not sure if I will get all in time.
Mike will move to his new house maybe today or tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it but what matters is that now we both are in the same wavelength, 100%.
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