October 11th, 2016


Mike started moving to his new house.... he will not have internet untill wednesday. Well he still has conection in his phone of course.
I'm still thinking what I can give to him for birthday.

I'm sleepy as hell today. I slept just 4 hours, I had a coffee but it was not enought, need a second coffee right now.
And at night, English class... and I didn't study the fucking verbs. 128fs4765852.gif
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Fears come back...

I was ok but a lot of fears come back to my mind and damn, my imagination is so big.
I started to feel sick but I try to calm myself. Everything will be fine... I wish

Long day

I just left work, it was a long day!!!! One of mh coworkers was late to work and my boss got very very very mad at him because he is not doing his work. The workshop where he is, is a chaos. First time since I work here that I hear my boss yelling. She was on rage as I never think she can be.
Sales manager is back in the office so he started to delegate on me his work since I will take his position in 2 months. I have a lot of things to do now but I like it, it helps me to keep my mind busy.
Some gross think... the fat asshole ate today some salad with garlic and he burps for our in our office. We had to keep the door open, how a single person can be so disgusting????