October 12th, 2016

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Last night no much to write. I went to English class then I got home. Mike was installing a ceiling fan and talking to me when I started to feel sick. I took a pill to can control myself. Luckely few minutes after, the pill did its effect and I fell asleep.
This morning was a little hard to wake up, I guess for the pill, but finally I got some sleep last night, more than usual.
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I'm failing bad trying to quit coffee. I just can't stop drinking it. There is always any reason for I make coffee. And I'm always sleepy so this doesn't help at all.

So far I'm allone in the office, reading random shits on internet and chatiing with Mike. And ofc right now I'm drinking coffee because even when last night I slept 6 hours, pill makes  me feel sleepy. That is why I stopped taking this shit pills. I have 2 different pills, and both make me very sleepy and it also make my heart beast more slow that it already beats. I'm usually at 55-60 BPM and when I take pills it beats at 52-54, then I feel I will pass out.
The cardiologist says that my heart works fine just slow. They did a test and when I do workout my heart works perfect. Still need run a test to see if when I sleep it become more slow than usual. Many times when I'm falling asleep I felt I pass out, not like the typical feeling that I fall into the void. Nope.. it is a reall sensation that I'm passing out. 


Mike says again that he wants learn Spanish, but this time he really decide it. Let's see if it's true! Spanish is very hard to learn since we have more than 5 verb tenses!!! and each of those has different variations. The hardest about this is that when we talk, we don't use the verb tenses correctly... and we don't use " he, she, I, etc" nonstop.. in a sentency whe say the noun once, then we have male and female adjetives to refer what we are talking about.
I'm not sure if I'm able to teach him Spanish since I still don't know correctly English, but it can be very funny happy0196.gif


I had a salad for lunch, very late, 2 pm. I was not hungry. I lost weight again, even when I thought I gained weight. That was funny. 134lb now!!!!, I'm going to get the same weight that when I was teen LOL.
I don't eat fat food to be honest, no soda, no bread, no crap food. But I don't do diet. I hate diets, if I feel hungry I get headache and bad mood.


That is the problem when I drink 3 coffee or more.... now I, m overactive thinking about to do a lot of things when I get home; but prolly I will do only workout and feel asleep 😪
The pill keep me sleepy all day long and just coffee wake me up for a while


Finished BBG abs and cardio day. Some tendon between my leg and the hip hurt since few days, I don't know why or what this means. I feel very tired now and dizzy. I will take a shower and cook.
just for curiosity today I measure my waist... 1cm less than 2 weeks ago jurassic-park.jpg