October 16th, 2016


Tomorrow a guy will come to take all the clothes and things I have to give away, and prolly he will buy some furniture that I'm selling. I started to pack something yesterday but just 1 small box. And today I woke up late, because lastnight I had issues again with my heart when falling asleep. Legs hurt so much I can't understand why. I did these excersises in the week 6 of BBG and it doesn't hurt me at all.
I feel very stressed today, maybe because I slept bad, maybe because playing siege in the game today (something I didn't want to do really but I never let Mike alone in nothing), maybe because I'm close to get my period 128fs4765852.gif, there is a lot of things that can make me stressed latelly, and that big cup to drink coffee will not help me at all lol
I need to organize the things that this guy will pick tomorrow, take a shower, do my nails, have dinner with mom, let my clothes ready for tomorrow, and even try to get some rest.... too much to do en few hours.
After move to new house I'll go to the Spa for massages
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