October 17th, 2016

Monday :(

Last night my heart let me sleep but so bad I fell asleep a little late, 2 am. My chest still hurts when I get stressed. CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg

I'm thinking what I can give to Mike for his bday, but I'm in blank.

Today in the office is a seller who comes from other province, sales manager and him talk nonstop, I'm getting pissed, I love working on silence.
I want do a mental list about all I have to do but all the blablablabla don't let me think. wallbash.gif And the guy upstair from our office drags things making more nose. Arggggg
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Today we had a metting in my work with sales manager, sellers, other coworker and me. Sales manager introduced us as the people who will do his work from now. I'm not 100% sure what things I have to care now. It's clear my coworker will deal with technical issues and customers, and I'll deal with quotes, prices, purchase orders, comunication with U.S. headquarters. But I wonder who will deal with strategies, sales goals, marketing, etc, etc, etc. ermm.gif
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Long day at work...

God I'm falling asleep even after drink coffee!!! And today I don't think I will go to bed early bbg.jpg

I need continue packing, wash curtains, cushion, do English homework but prolly I will be with Mike.

1 hour left to go home
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Me: I really can't stay awake
Mike: Go on Ulta and find ur shit
Me: Oh... that can works! lmao

He knows many ways to wake me up happy0196.gif