October 19th, 2016

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Finally I got some rest. Yesterday after work I got home but I didn't went to English class because teacher told me I was the only who was going to class, so I stay at home and I went to bed 9pm . I was chatting with Mike when I fell asleep. I woke up 2am and obviously I fell asleep again till 6.30am. Was so hard to wake up!
I feel still tired and sleepy. Drank 2 coffee, early today, and I don't want start my work.. I'm lazy and there is a lot of things I have to do today grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I had some weird dreams, with other ppl that we were in a pub or something like this, and there in the dream was my mother and her ex husband also, like if we still living together but in the present... a nightmare! And there was also some singer flirting to me but trying to mess with me... fucker.


This weekend I'm going to sign the papers for the new flat. I'm happy about, but I want go to sleep then wake up in the new apartment with my stuff there lol
I'm so stressed trying to be ready to move there.  Well at least I don't have to worry for the money, very convenient I'm so good saving money 


So, today I asked to my boss about the raise because this weekend I'm signing the paper to the new house and I want do my numbers. And I'm going to earn more than I expected. I'm so fucking happy!!!!!
My salary just raise 63% this means next year I can go few weeks to U.S. to see Mike and also save money for us. Another good thing today: Mike asked me if he can come to see me here also.
Oh wait a minute!!!!!!! there is a lot of things I will do with all those money Just_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gif

Eminem New Album

Eminem announces new album!!!!!!! It's a good day!

and I realize that my 2 loves were born in the same day, October 17th... Eminem and Michael 1f63b.png

There some freestyle about campaign in U.S.