October 22nd, 2016

New house :)

Papers signed, I got the key. There some pics

The entrance to the building

My apartment's door bbg.jpg Again the "B"


Living room

The bedroom



Balcony :)

the entrance and mom car lol

I'm happy but tired as hell. Need think how I will organize my furniture, take a shower then sleep cuz tomorrow I have so much to do: working, get the curtains for the bath, fix the heater in this house, go to new flat with the landlord, pack more things and start moving small things in mom car....

Grats to myself for all the things I'm getting this year 291.gif
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Today I got the bath curtains and I already put it in the new house. I like it bbg.jpg

I bought it from a girl on facebook. Not expensive at all and nice. I started to move things to the new house since I'm just 2 blocks away, then next weekend I just need to move the furniture cool.gif
I will continue packing now.
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Today I can't hanging the curtains in the living room, I need get a rods curtain more long. I packed some books, my manga collection, photos, and few things more.  Dad came to home and he fixed the heater.
I'm very tired and my back hurts. really wanna sleep but i have too much to do 
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