October 23rd, 2016

Moving things

After 10 hours sleeping and take a pill for the pain I feel very fine, so I started to move things! I'm having fun with this.

Some pics from building at day

my babies in their new home

Tired but happy

I moved things from old apartment to the new for hours!
So I organized all my clothes and shoes in the new house, bed sheets, curtains and pillows are there too.
I cleaned the kitchen furniture and I moved some food and food storage containers, and I also moved a wire shelving.

Tomorrow I will move the rest of the cookware, crockery and maybe books. I'm very tired but happy with the new apartment

When I was organizing my clothes in the closet mom was with me, most of the times i pick some clothe she said  "throw it in the trash!!!!" so I throw more things lol, and after I finish moving there i will check all again to see what else I can throw. bbg.jpg
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