October 24th, 2016


I just sent to my sister the pics of the furniture I have to sell and she already sold almost all to her coworkers happy0196.gif
Today I need call to the internet provider and for get a truck moving.
This will be a good week cool.gif
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So, I called to Internet provider to move the service to the new flat, it will take 2 weeks so this mean I will be without internet for 1 week t3622.gif

Maybe it will be good to organize everything in the new house without distractions, I don't care about the game but I don't like let Mike alone. So good my cell phone has very good signal there so I will be online from my phone 

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I hired the truck moving to this Saturday 5pm so I will have Sunday and Monday to clean the old apartment and give it back to the landlord.
Today a guy is coming to pick all that I have to give away, and this week other guy come to buy my furniture so it means I will have 50% of work done lol
Dad is busy at Saturday so he can't help me animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
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4pm and I'm falling asleep, I need drink coffee. Too mucho to do at work, at home, at everywhere!
Friday I didn't do my workout and this week no chance to do it... DAMN I don't want stop 1 week, but I don't have time at all to workout or English 128fs4765852.gif
My mind is a chaos full of thouths about all that I have to do. After move to new house I will run to the Spa and to weekend house... wanna sauna and massages Zzz.gif
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So the guy came to home to pick the things I have to give away, he came with 2 of his kids (he has 5 kids). They was happy because one of the things I give to them was 2 blankets. Usually kids get happy when they get toys, but this kid was happy getting blanket... and for me it was just old blankets. This kid made my day. I give nothing to him, he is who give me something today, he fill my heart loveshower.gif
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