October 25th, 2016


I went to the bank to ask what happened with some money that my ex transfer to me but I didnt get in my account. They said that they canceled the transfer and they sent the money back to him because he needs add some number to the operation. The funny thing when I told to my ex about I didnt get the money he said Idk I transfered it and they got my money.... asshole. And a friend saw him in a lawyer office. I wonder what issue he will try to do now, but I will not him mess with me again. So god I never got married with him.


I know why my ex went to a lawyer, it has nothing to do with me, great!!!!!!!!!!!! jurassic-park.jpg

Yesterday at night I bought a rods curtain in mercadolibre and this morning I got it, very fast!! and the price is good.
Last night I moved more things to the new house: all the crockery, books, another wire shelving. I almost organize the kitchen but after move there I was reorganize this in a better way. The shelving I still not decide where I'm going to put it until I get all the furniture.

Today I'm not sure if I will move something else because I want to go to English class and it's going to rain, no good to move things. But I can continue packing at home.

Mom bought more plants for my balcony bbg.jpg
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I spoke the landlord today for the old apartment to say to her bye bye I'm moving in a week so now I have to clean all and let everything ok.
Luckily I found a person who sell the stupid wood to fix the bedroom's floor. I lost 1 small wood I don't have idea how and I'm not going to let it like this.
My mind will collapse soon, too many things to do in just few days and at work more and more things also. I need breath and keep calm.... and drink more coffee for sure Zzz.gif
Maybe I will try workout today but there is not free time to do it this week 128fs4765852.gif
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It's eternal

It's raining so after work I went to home but can't move anything to new flat. I wanted a nap but I cleaned the bathroom...all! the bath walls, floor, everything... I'm tired as hell but good for me! I have 1/6 of the house clean now Zzz.gif
Tomorrow I'm going to install the rod curtain and moving few things more then I will start cleaning the kitchen here.
I need go to bed.
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