October 27th, 2016

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I cleaned half kitchen today, I will end it tomorrow. I didn't move nothing to the new house because it was raining.
Tired but still hard to fall asleep.
My mind is full thoughts, to do lists, etc etc. I can't stop this, and I feel my heart is going to fail with all this stress and caffeine, but still I can't quit coffee.
The dust because moving furniture and cleaning the house give me allergy, i can see it in my chest. I don't care, after this, i will get relax in the sauna, spa and weekend house.
Hot days will come in 1 month and this summer i'm going to enjoy the pool, I need to use my new bikine that I bought with Mike in Florida cool.gif
Everything will be fine, I know it, i'm working hard for this....

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I was late to work today few minutes. Michael messaged me to wake me up but I didn't hear my phone untill the 3rd alarm started to bzzz.
The weather is still awful. 14+, cloudy and windy... this spring really sucks. Next week it's going to rain again 1068973_34_y.jpg
Already drink 2 coffees but I'm not sleepy... yet.

The morning is quiet at work, good for I can organize my things

Fucking deals

I tried to transfer my internet service to the new building then they asked me for a permission signed by the building manager. I spoke her and she said I'm sorry you can't transfer it because we have a deal with other TV company wich provide internet service too.....wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif
I got upset about this but anyway I called this other company to ask about the cost of their services... very fucking expensive. So they have a deal but not special prices????? WTF 97.gif97.gif97.gif97.gif97.gif.... I got very mad then I called again the building manager and I said to her look... tell me what is the advantage about ur deal with this provider because it cost more money than my actual provider who give me also telephony....
After push her for few minutes she give me permiss to my provider check if they can install the wire in in the pipeline that the building has. I hope it can be able to do or I will need spend more money for a worse service with the other shitty provider. 

So close

After work I moved more things to new house in mom's car. I put the curtains but I didn't iron it, I will do after move out.
I need get also a tie for the orange curtains. The rod I bought is good but I need add the curtains holders

I took a shower and god! It was so great!!!!!! The weater has very very very good pressure. I feel relaxed and sleepy now.
I will eat pasta then sleep Zzz.gif

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Mike is making plans for next time we together, I like this. We also have a to do list and it will be very funny.
I want give something to him for xmas but I don't know what it can be... I need think fast, it is almost November

btw it is just 11º I'm getting blue so cold !!! really hatting this spring 97.gif