October 30th, 2016

Awaking in new house :D

So yesterday I organized things till midnight, then I fill the bath with hot water and I stayed there for 40 minutes. Water didn't get cold, was great!! After this I cooked pasta and I ate in the sofa at 2 am 😁
I went to bed to play a little Candy Crush while I chatted with Mike but I couldn't stay awake for long.
I slept fine abd I woke up today at midday because Mike was looking for me 😋
My body hurt, finger hurts in hands and feets idk why. I'm drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee before go to old house to clean there.
I still dont know where I will put the furniture but so far I organize it like this to can walk.

The bedroom

Need hang the curtains but I didnt wash it yet. This is mom bike and prolly I will give it back to her but if I do I cant do my LISS so not sure yet.
The living room I will change furniture but not now because I need care first about old house

I have small bed that I use as sofa. I want sell the bed and the sofa and buy a sofa-bed. But atm I spent all my money to rent this house so I need wait to earn money again.
The desk for the computer is another thing I want change.
The kitchen

Well another place I need organize lol
But for the first day here I did a lot.
Now I need go to clean old house.


Omg i cleaned all day long and I still didnt finish it!!! 😭 I went to old house like 2pm. I cleaned the floor and windows on my bedroom, the second bathroom all (walls, toiletter, bath, floor) I cleaned floor and windows of the second bedroom, floor windows and furniture in the kitchen and in the third bedroom I started to throw in the trash many junk I had there, like old computer parts, books, magazines, etc.
I did just one break at 5pm to drink a coffee with cookies then I continue cleaning till 9pm.
I came back to new home and cooked pizza. I showed to Mike and made him cook pizza too hahah 😆🍕
I took a shower and now I lay in bed, so tired... legs, feets, arms, back and neck hurts. Even my nails hurt literally 😔
Tomorrow I need wake up early to finish to clean the old house. Then I will not do nothing else till weekend 😫


So tomorrow is cibermonday. I want buy a microwave. Mom told me better get electric oven but what is the point if I have a oven and I like using it? I wsnt the microwave to can un freeze food fast. Then in the weekend I can cook healty food, save it in the freezer and can eat at night when I come back from work.
Well... u can unfreeze food in the mini oven more slow than microwave and warm food fast ummmm I can't decide what is better for me.
Another electro I want to buy is a coffeemaker.


My nails hurts. 4 nails broken and prolly it will be more after cleaning tomorrow. I'm cuting all now and I will apply almond oil on nails to hydratate it. I use one nighstand to put my make up, brushes, nailpolish, face cream, etc. So I have all that I need to care my beauty next to the bed. No excuses to not do my beauty routine anymore ☺