October 31st, 2016

Someone ress me x.x

Finally it is done. I cleaned all fucking day thr old house... floors, walls, windows..  the 3 bedrooms, the 2 bathrooms, living room, washing room, kitchen snd balcony. I throw in the trash a lot of things and the guy who bought some of my furniture picked it today. I was very stressed and nervous thinking I could not finish it today but yes! I did it. At 8pm I meet the landlord in the apartment, she checked all and I gave the keys back to her. It is done and I am so fucking happy I dont live anymore there.
Now my problem is that I still have too many things in the new apartment. So before take things out of the boxes and organiza it I want check smd throw more things in the trash 😖
i dont know when I let house became a mess but I know I dont want it happens anymore. Is not good idea that u get a big house when u are alone, then cleaning it is very hard, and prolly you will use the empty rooms like a storehouse 😶
I was so tired that I started to hit my body with all that was around me... walls, doors, furniture. I have many bruises in my arms and legs 😳
My body hurt as hell... im exhausted, very tired. All my body in pain. But the hard part of moving out is done. ☺

Cibermonday shooping

So today early I checked the offerts for cibermonday. I know that some offerts are not real offerts but since I was checking prices few days ago I would be able to realize which was a real offert and which was fake.
I found a nice microwave that was really more cheap than normal it cost. It is 23lt, it has grill, digital display, and 20 programs.
I checked also for coffeemaker but it was not more cheap than usual so I didnt buy it, I will get one when I get internet and can see what characteristics it has. I just have internet in my cellphone now and some websites dont works fine for mobile.
So I bought the microwave and I expexted getting it in few days more. But surprise me that few minutes after I paied they sent me a mail saying my irder was ready to oick it in the store wich is 6 blocks away from here.
After cleaning the old house I took a shower then K went to the store to pick my microwave.
I didnt try it yet but I like how this looks.


Mom gave me flowers from weekend house. There are a lot of roses blooming so she cut some for her house and for my house.
All my house smell good now ☺🌹

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Im almost ready for bed  but after this long day and hard weekend I deserve a good coffee with a delicious swiss chocolate!! 😄