November 1st, 2016


I'm tired as hell, my brain doesn't work today, even after drink 3 coffee... I started my day at work with more than 25 mails to process. At 10.30 am I had a meeting to decide the schedule for our anual work meeting. I have to prepare 2 topics for this conference... it will be a very interesting experience.
4pm and still 10 mail more to process, and alot of things to do. Body still hurts. And tonight I'm going back to English class Zzz.gif
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I canceled my actual service since they can't install it in new house, I'm sure they are going to make me pay 1 more month animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif. New provider will come to install internet on Friday. This one is more expensive, let's see if it worth.ermm.gif


So.. with all the shit about moving out I stopped my workout for 10 days but I want start it asap now.
I was doing week 12 so I want start in that week. But today I'm going to English class and I'll get home 9pm. And ofc I'm tired as hell, so prolly I will do LISS all the week then next monday start BBG again.


So someone got a new iPhone using Mike's info and they charged it to him. How they did it i don't know but make me nervous. I'm not sure how iPhone works but I understand they save a backup of ur files in the cloud so I wonder if this ppl had acces to Mike's info... can they set it in the new phone and sincronize it? I really dont want someone else get our convos.... he is talking to cops because seems he has some info about who did this. I hope Mike fix it asap 😠

Microwave Samsung MG23F3K3TAK/BG

OMG I was just looking for a microwave to unfreeze the food but this microwave has a lot of fuction! 😮
As usual the first I did before try it was reading the user guide 📔
This has a fuction called Healthy Cooking to cook vegetables and cereals or chicken and fish. Some of those use the grill... yes my microwave has grill!!!!
If you cook smelly food it has a deodorization fuction.
For unfreeze it has manual mode or some programs for auto unfreeze.
Another fuction is called My Food. Then it is for cook pre cooked food.
For all the programs you set the timmer and also you set the weight of the food. I love it!!! 😍😍😍
User guide has a guide to cook a lot of food in the microwave. I want try it soon!!!! 🍜