November 2nd, 2016

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I'm enjoying this days without internet in the computer. I got home from work very tired but I didn't nap. I didn't go to English class also... I was about to sleep but I stayed awake and I installed the washing machine. I also tried microwave. After this I cooked some vegetables and meat in the oven and I saved a portion of food for dinner tomorrow. After finish the washing I did the washing up, I drank a blueberry tea and I ate chocolate 😋
Then I went go bed... and I remembered I didnt take my make up out 😫 I got up again to do it and I finished doing some treatment for faces skin 🙅
1am again... I need force myself to sleep.
Mike has fun playing my character at game lol

Running late is my cardio

Again was very hard to get up this morning because yesterday I fuck my plans to go to bed early.
I was so tired and ready to sleep but I got distracted as usual... first doing beauty routine, then I went to bed and ofc I had to check twitter, then write some nonsense entry here, then check my village in Clash of Clans, then play Candy Crush... when I finally was falling asleep ( around 1am) Mike messaged me and it wake me up again ermm.gif and guess what I did? animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
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Today at work my computer was dead... it didn't works. I checked the hardware and all was fine, but screen didn't get signal. I thought it was video or the screen so I called the service for they come to change it. The guy came and tried other screen and yes... it was the problem so he borrow me his screen untill I get one new. I spoke to sales manager and tell him what the problem with my computer was, then he spoke to my boss and they will buy a new screen and even a new desk for me 291.gif finally I will get it LOL
I feel they are spoiling me happy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gifhappy0196.gif