November 5th, 2016

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My new internet so far works fine. With the game still slow when I port but it is because video card I think.

I got my order from the market. There some random things I bought for the house.
A strainer to clean the quinoa before cook it, and a plastic cuttin board because I think wood tables are full of bacteria.

Some towels and anti-slips for the shower

and from grocery I bought new flavor coffee and my fav mermelades!!

Spring time

Weather finally is nice. After many weeks with 2 or 3 rainy days, it's warm and sunny. Yesterday it was 25+ and this weekend it's going to be 32+ but again it will rain on Wednesday... seems like we will not have a week without rain ermm.gif
It's perfect to go to weekend house but mom is in Dubai and I don't think my sister wanna drive yet, she just got her licence and I've not learned to drive. So I'll stay at home and do laundry, beauty routine, try to organize the things that still are in boxes and cook. I will try to do LISS because I'm going to continue workout on Monday... it will hurts.

Home sweet home :D

I'm in love with the new house. It's so easy to clean!! and everything is new. I cleaned both bathrooms and my bedroom. I did laundry and probably now I organize the closet... not sure yet. It's a bright house and has airstream if I open all the windows, I like it so much.
8pm and it's 27º so I turned on the air conditioner, it's very nice inside the house. 
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Mike is sooo lovely since our vacations loveshower.gif Everyday he tell me "ty for you" and I can see he is happy and more relaxed now.
It's so good that both have same feelings and I love the way he shows me it. Our relationship grows more and more, and I can trust him. Any mistake he did before doesn't matter, he's doing very good now.
Another think I realize is that he started to let other people know his feelings about me, and I enjoy seeing how similar we are. happy0196.gif

This week he is going to Ulta to pick make up for me, because he knows I like it and he wants to choose for me. I said to him few things I like but he wants choose what he would like I wear, my boyfriend is perfect! Just_Cuz_13.gif
I need starting to see what I will give to him for xmas. 

Colgate 360º black

I bought new toothbrush and take me long to decide what I want because I brush my teeth so hard that I ruin the brush in less than 3 months.
So I got this one just because I never tried it before but it didn't look special. I think this is the best toothbrush I used so far.
The bristles are not hard not soft and it clean also tongue and cheeks while you brush your teeth, is really good.

I don't know how long it will last  but i hope at least 3 months. I saw in the market some interdental toothbrush... I'm curious about it, maybe I will try it too.

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I knew it was going to happens... I had dinner and after it I started to feel sleepy... and just 11pm. I had to make coffee, the 4th today, to see if I can stay more time awake to do something with Mike, I know he wait all the week to can do things together at weekend and I dont want let him alone.
I'm still clumsy. Today I hurted my leg skin with my nail while I put my panty on, and I hit my hands, fingers and legs against walls and furniture. My body is full bruises. I guess it's cuz tiredness but I'm like this since 1 week. 1068973_34_y.jpgAll my nails are short i need stop hitting things with my nails wallbash.gifwallbash.gif