November 6th, 2016

In the name of God

I was dreaming when Mike woke me up. I dreamed a lot of shit this time and of course I don't remember all. I was trying to get something to buy in stores, no idea what I was looking for. Then i got a facebook notification from my best friend. She wrote something about be patient and trust on God when you call a taxy and it doesnt come at time. She was going to a salon to celebrate her daugther bday... she's religious of course. I used to love the calm she keep when things going bad, because she trust on God. I tried to do it but if there is a God I'm not able to have a relationship with him that means talk to him in the name of his son, go to church to listent to a man who maybe is there just to take ppl money, etc. I just take something from the Bible.. God is Love... and Jesus, doesnt matter if he was god's son or not, had a way to love the ppl that we all need try to get.
Going back to my dream, there was something with houses also, I don't remember what, and with some street concerts that some artist was doing in a bus. I was looking few of those, going there and here, when I got a dangerous situation in a street. A man was tried to kill, or killed, ppl in a bar, with a knife. A woman who worked there reduced him and forced him to lay in the floor. All her arms covered by blood. I said something to her, idk what it was now, then I woke up cuz Mike messaged me.

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I don't know why I was emo today after wake up. Was feeling sad but there was not a real reason. So good Mike knows how to deal with my bad days and he changed my mood. Is very important to me can have someone who give me support when I need it, he never let me alone. bbg.jpg
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I feel so good in this house that I start cooking again. I prepared milanese to put it in the freezer and can have it for dinner. And after it I drank a strawberry smoothie with some blueberries. I went to greengrocery yesterday but I could not get the vegetables I was looking for, so I cant cook now a vegetable pie wallbash.gif