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November 7th, 2016

Marco Polo

I was looking to watch some serie before sleep since I don't watch nothing since months. Starting to watch Marco Polo, let's see if it ks good. I can watch series while I lay in the bed 😆


Today I wear all blue... shoes, jeans, shirt, nails, bag.. lol I didnt do it on purpose but I love blue.. it's my fav color



Today I wear all blue... shoes, jeans, shirt, nails, bag.. lol I didnt do it on purpose but I love blue.. it's my fav color


Men are hysterical too

Today the guy who work with me in our new team is in the office. Last week he was in another province with a seller because it's one of his new function in the position we have now. We came to work 2 hours ago and he is already hysterical. He was bitching and complaining about other coworker because he sent a message in wsap and the other guy didn't answer fast to him.... the other guy is upstair in an office... why the hell he didn't stand his fatass up from the chair and goes to the other office instead send a message?? of course he didn't realize that the other guy didn't get the message but he bitched him. 1068973_34_y.jpg
And now someone made a joke to him about he needs cut his hair and he are crying because his fly got cancel at the weekend and he had to stay 1 more day in the other place... he is earning more money for the new position and complaining about every single new task he has to do... but I feel that he cry is just for show to people how "busy and necesary" he is now here. IMO is very stupid get new position and acting like if the rest of the people are useless and inefficient... he will just gain enemies instead get people who work together. 


Movies - Series to watch

  1. Office Christmas Party

  2. PET

  3. The Handmaiden

  4. SPLIT

  5. Assassin's creed

  6. Resident Evil 6

  7. Pirates of the Caribbean 5

  8. Suicide Squad

  9. Trainspotting 2

  10. Kong Skull Island

  11. The Great Wall

  12. Jhon Wick 2

  13. Black Mirror

  14. Haters back off

  15. Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee kids

  16. Captain America Civil War

  17. Stranger Things

I will add more movies and series later


Mike is going to Ulta and he will choose make up that he wants I wear Just_Cuz_13.gif
Another good news, the seller from eBay shipped my order today
So I was wrong... I didn't stopped my BBG on week 12, I stopped on week 10 wich has the same exercises. I did 10 min LISS to get warm then I did the 2 series of exercises... but I could not repeat it 128fs4765852.gif 2 weeks without training fucked my strenght. But I'm not going to whimper about it, I'll repeat it tomorrow 97.gif



Started to watch Stranger Things and Marco Polo. I added Vikings and Narcos to my list.


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