November 8th, 2016

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I'm tired. Not good idea start workout again then stay awake till 2am watching series. This about can watch series from bed is not helping at all to fix my sleeping 1068973_34_y.jpg
Today we had to wait 35 minutes out to someone come to open the office. Very annoying.And now seems like my boss will send us to the office wich is upstair. Better office but more small, and as I hear asshole guy who always smells very bad will move with us too. wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif I wanted he moves to the calibration lab instead be over us but nope...he wants be in the same office and spread his smell all over the place.
In the other hand my other coworker, the hysterical one, is coming late to the office because he has to do some medical exam. He called me before and ask if we was waiting out... "yes, we are" I said, then he ask "and X client called?, you can't check it, right?" .... No, I can't check if someone call because I'm out animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif....45 minutes after he sent me messages on wsap asking if the customer called me... I replied to him "look.. if it's so important why you don't call the customer"? I can't understand people... they need everybody run near them.. if he has something very important to talk then better he calls them instead asked me every 40 min if the customer called... and if it's not important then stop trying to get attention, Jesus! 97.gif
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Magic Cards

My boyfriend and I like game cards... he has many dufferent cards and he wants we play Magic Cards but I don't have. He is going to buy cards for me but he told me he has to control himself to not cheat me opening it and looking if I get better cards than him 😂 what a fucker!!!! And I know he is talking seriously. So we did a "deal", if I get a special awesome pro card I will sell it 😒
I really dont care, I just want play with him because I enjoy so much the things we do together. He also used to collect coins like me! But this fucker is always awesome in all that he does and ofc he has real collection coins.
Some of his cards

Coins wich a human never touch

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Another busy day at work. And tomorrow many coworkers will be out. The good thing is I will be alone in my office 😆
I want nap but I have English class. It is a looooong day 😴


I need practise it more. This year I'm not doing my best and my English become worse and worse but I'm so busy at work and at home that I don't even do my homework. I feel so bad about it
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