November 9th, 2016

President Trump

And today I woke up and still sleepy I see Trump is the new President elect for U.S. I never thought this can happens but it happens. And this remember to me last election in my country where people voted who they thought will fuck us less... but we all know that we are going to be fucked as usual. I don't know about policy but I worry about a racist person and sexual predator leading a country. This sound insane... and when I say "insane" I remember our last president. But there are a lot of differences between U.S and my country, and if we survived, american people will survive too.
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I have shitty mood today, maybe cuz lack of sleep, maybe cuz Trump won, maybe cuz I'm close to get my period, maybe for all...
I want do nothing, just sleep or watch series but I have to work 4 hours more.
I knew was a bad idea get Netflix... now I keep watching series untill 2am, I'm sleeping 5 hours everyday... I can't do it now, not this month, I need be very active at work and at home, I need study English for the final exam, I need design again, too much to do 128fs4765852.gif
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Mike is on Ulta right now buying make up to give me for xmas!!!! 😀😋🙆 💄
Is not the products he buys what matter but the time he spends going there and picking what he thinks I will like... and he is trying a lot of the colors in his hands without care what ppl will think 😆
Love this guy!

Girls things?

This is Mike on Ulta Beauty choosing make up for me... he really is good for look, better than me happy0196.gif

We love blue color girl_pinkglassesf.gif

I love this eyeshadow palleteeeeeeeeee

He says he's going to buy the Urban Decay palette but he could not decide what else he wants to get for me, so he will go again lol

Marco Polo s1 ep 1 to 4

I really like this serie and the actors. They recreate very well the Asian style, and you can learn a lot about Mongolian and Chinese empire. But I have to pay attention to not get lose with the names of the characters. There you can see history, policy, excelent costumes, action and yes... sex.. maybe more than necessary but it's very common nowaday animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
I like that the story of each character is interesting, not just Marco story.
No point to compare it with Game of Thrones, in my opinion they are different series but very good.