November 10th, 2016

I fucked up my sleeping again

Again I stay till 2 am watching series, and ofc now I'm sleepy at work. Plus.. today I get home late because I have English class after work.  I like watching series but I'm not a person who can do it for long. I feel is a waste of my time...
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I don't have blood

77º today, sunny... beautiful day, but I'm cold... my hands are very cold, I have to wear a cardigan. I just walked out to my office and stay under the sun... and I feel cold. Prolly it's because lack of sleep, and I know I will not sleep enought untill monday. Stupid heart...

Elf costumes


I'm leaving work early because my boss need I do something in my way to home. So now I have to decide between napping 1 hour before English class or doing my English homework.... 😞😩😴😪


So... today Mike went again to Ulta after decided what make up he wants get for me. He messaged me after left the store:

Mike: Eh this is ur Xmas and bday present I accidently got to much
Me: Lol How can u accidently got to much??? Things fall inside ur bags? 😂
Mike: Cuz I don't know what u like so I just keep pick up

He spent 200usd on make up lol, so dangerous like a girl. I know he bought the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow palette because he told me yesterday he was going to buy it. He just showed me one product of all that he bought.. a blue lipstick 😮
He doesnt know if I will like it but I was looking for get some blue lipstick to try it 💄
He spoil me so much 😁

Urban Decay lipstick