November 15th, 2016


I don't understand this site, instead be a journal or dairy where people write about their day/lifes it is a kind of reddit or blog. There is even people who use this site to sell things. I started this journal to can save my memories but seems I'm the only doing it, maybe I'm in a wrong site.

Busy day

Finally I got home! It was a busy day at work but I'm doing a good job with the elearning plataform. I will not show this to my boss or coworkers until the meeting on December, they will love this! 😍
The weather is still nice, it's hot, almost 30°, but is going to rain tomorrow 😭
After work I went to English institute. My teacher was sick so the owner of the institute repleaced her. I enjoyed the class, this other teacher pay attention to us and she isn't stucked at her phone like our teacher is always. We started to read a short story wich will be one of the topics in the final exam.
Now I'm doing LISS on my bike while I write here to dont get bored 😋