November 29th, 2016

Xmas gift

Today Mike found a new electric toothbrush that he would like to have, he said he should get it for himself as xmas gift sooooo I went fast to amazon and I bought it for him 😊 When he realized what I was doing he told me to not get it because it is expensive but I don't care!!! I really want get something for him and it wast almost 200usd wich I can afford to spend for him 🤑 I paid also for they prepare it as gift and I added a card. So bad Mike didn't tell me before about this brush then I could get it without he realizes, but anyway I'm happy cuz he will get smt from me that he will love. The brush seems very nice and it has bluetooth. It save alot of info about how you brush your teeth, where place of your mouth you do more or less preassure, etc. It is Oral-B 8000 Genious Pro.
He will get the gift in 1 week 😻
The good about this gift is that he will uses it every day 😊