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December 5th, 2016

Xmas gift

Good news! Michael is going to get the box today!!!!!! I tracked the order and it is out for delivery. I'm so happy! 

Learning to be better

I woke up tired, fingers still hurts. No desire to leave the bed or work, but I had to do anyway. Weather at morning was cloudy and hot. So much work to do after a short week because the conference. I was not in mood to stay in that hole we have as office.
When my boss arrived to the company she started to meet with other coworkers. I waited she call me to talk about what happened in the conference, but nope... noone called me. It made me upset. After she finished the meets she sent an email saying we have general meeting at 3.30 pm.
They didn't say nothing relevant. A coworker asked what are the tasks of each one of us but they said they need change the organization chart then they will tell us our tasks. My boss said she is going to buy a new desk for me and we will move upstair to other office wich has natural light... oh great! but she didn't say nothing about the past conference! When meeting finished I asked to my boss and her daughter to talk alone. So I explained that the "project" wich I showed in the conference was a task that ex sales manager made me do, and I thought she knew about this. I say sorry but I couldn't imagine he took the decision about the project alone. She told me she knows it was not my fault and she saw I worked hard to get it ready, and she expected that sales manager say something about this in the conference or at least that he say sorry to me, but this didn't happens. We agreed that from now if someone ask to me to do a task that is not my normal work I will ask for permission to her before do something to avoid that other people take decisions without talk with Management. She told me from now I don't have a boss above my position, just her, and the other guy who work with me in sales department will not be my boss, and we will have same position. She will tell me soon what are my tasks.
I spoke to them also about other issues I see with administration department wich affect the operation of the company. Seems she sees some of those issues by herself, but others she didn't know. This is the first time I'm upset because a situation and I speak with my boss about this. Despite the conference was not like I expected this was a good experience wich help me to improve my attitude when something bad happens and to talk without feel afraid that someone will be upset with me. bbg.jpg


Mike got the gift for xmas! Just_Cuz_13.gif When he got home he told me "baby, I got a present!!!" I'm very happy because delivery from eBay sent it very fast and shipping was free!!!. Conversely I will not get my box until 2 or 3 months because Customs here works sooooo sloooowly 97.gif and when they give me the box that Mike sent to me I have to pay taxes... it will be like 60 usd or more (50% of the total price). They give a shit if this is a gift that someone send to me, but Mike was so excited about getting make up for me that I don't care if I have to pay taxes for it. He really did it with love and every day he asks to me if I got my box. Mike spoil me so much and I love it happy0196.gif

I got a coffeemaker to make the coffee I bought in Florida. It is a basic coffeemaker but enought for me. coffeebath.gif

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