December 6th, 2016

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Mike loves his new toothbrush or at least it seems Just_Cuz_13.gifHe says that this brush cleans teeth perfectly and I have to try it.

Today was a hard day at work. We started to find a lot of mistakes that ex sales manager did and many things that other coworkers don't do. I started to feel that sales manager had his own business there... animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
I work tomorrow, then 4 days off Just_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifI need study for English exam.. it's on December 17.
Today was payday so on Saturday I'm going to get xmas presents for my family.
The daughter of my boss told me today that I look really good, thinner, and that she can sees changes in my body. Latelly everybody tell me the same, this is good motivation to keep doing my workout and eating healthy food.

I'm so tired now... I'm going to lay in bed and watch some series before sleep Zzz.gif