December 16th, 2016

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Since days I have insomnia. My body is very tired, my mind keep me awake till 2 or 3am then I sleep 4 hours and wake up to work. More tired I feel every day more hard to sleep it's. Although it's hot I forget drinking water. My lips was getting dry because dehydration. I lost the control of my body.. it hurts. And I feel that all these issues are because stress... my mind is fucking me up.
Mike is worried about me and he feels fault. He knows all that I'm holding.. he's a good support and every day he showes to me how much he love me.
I will star taking pills again until I get another way to relax and sleep. bbg.jpg
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Black Mirror

I started to watch this serie and episode 1 blowed my mind. Even when they pretend they are in the future, this is happening right now since years. Few days ago Mike and me was talking about someone he knows who pretend a fake life on social networks. He was laughing about all the lies we found about this person but it's freak me out... an adult person saying lies to unknow people on internet every day since years and trying to brag a life that this person doesnt really have isn't a game.... it is sick! You can do it for fun how long?... weeks?... months??? but what the hell.... for years?????? and for what??? for other people with fake online lifes feed your ego? This world is not my real place.