December 21st, 2016

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Yesterday I did my exam. It was a busy day, I couldn't study nothing in my lunch time. It was very hot, 30+ , I was sleepy because the pills and my ovaries hurted. I didn't speak so much to Michael, I was not in the mood, and of course he was worried about something bad happens. When I left work I went to the Insitute and I did my test. The writing test I don't know if was fine, they still don't check it. For sure I did some mistakes because I couldn't study all the units... it was 12 units. But the speaking test I did very well!!! I got 9 out of 10!!!!!Just_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gifJust_Cuz_13.gif I finally can get some rest.

The pills... the softer is Alprazolam and the stronger Clonazepam. I really don't like taking it and cardiologist told me I can't take it because it make my heart slower, but I'm very stressed because the exam, because all the changes at work, because my period shame.gif, because Michael... I couldn't sleep at night, so I decided to take pills for now.  It kill my emotions... I'm not sad, not happy, not depressed, not worry, I don't care about nothing, and my mind can analize better the situations. michael doesn't like it at all, he says that I don't care about him, that pills kill my feelings and it's not good, he's so anxious, but for now I prefer keep taking it. The only I don't like is that although I take just 1/4 pill of Clonazepam this makes me sleepy all day long. Is very hard to me to wake up and the first days I almost passed out, so now I'm taking the softer pill to not be late at work.Zzz.gif
btw.. Mike changed his wsap pic and put my pic... now some boys he has in his contact list started to say things to him because they think it's a girl happy0196.gif he's getting mad but this is funny!!!


I got my bonus, I wanna buy a new bag and shoes. Still I have to get my commissions and the other bonus that my boss gives us at end-year so I will can buy things and save some money to vacations :)
Mike bought more Magic Cards for us, I can't wait till get my cards!
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