December 24th, 2016

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Last days I've been busy at work. I got another business that ex sales manager and seller do to steal money. I didn't talk to my boss about this yet, I will wait after holidays to let her have a break. I'm going to need a break too, god, I'm stressed as hell for all this situation and another personal issues. And the bad thing is if I take my pills to relax it makes me fall asleep and be late to work... if I don't take it I can't sleep and the stress make me depressed. 128fs4765852.gif I think if I start workout again it will help me to take the stress away.
I got my bonus and my commissions, so I could buy whatever I wanted to give away for Christmas. Martu will get a electronic keyboard wich I'm sure she will love. To Flor, a new computer bbg.jpg Mom is the harder person to buy something because she has everything and more, and in her last vacations in Dubai she bought a lot of things.. iPhone7, perfums, clothes, shoes, etc. But 2 days ago she said she's bored at weekend house because no internet there and she doesn't have any book to read, then I take her to the bookshop and I made her to choose some books. She was happy with this idea.
I want to use Martu's keyboard to learn to play lol

Next week I'll get things for me. I don't like doing shopping on Christmas week because a lot of people in the stores and the street

American Christmas vs my Christmas!

It's really boring the way that American ppl celebrate the Chritsmas!! They do nothing at 24th... they wake up at 25th then open gifst, have breakfast and lunch together and it is all.
I like more the way we celebrate Chritsmas here. The 24th December we have dinner with family and/or friends. We usually eat coold food because we are on summer, and it's 30+ but we also like eating barbecue! for dessert we like icecream and fruit salad. Then at midnight we have toast, we kiss and hug each other saying Merry Christmas! and we open gifts. We have fireworks show then we stay at the table drinking sider, champagne, eating almonds, nuts, panettone, etc. The next day people usually have lunch together with the relatives they couldn't see the last day. We do the same for New year but without open gifts.
Mike think my Christmas are better and he wants to try it happy0196.gif