December 27th, 2016

I don't give a shit

Apathy.. this is what I feel. I so boring know always what is going to happens... is like to watch a movie that you already saw. And you know what's going to happens and how will it happens. And you watch it over and over, then you lose any interest, you don't feel even disappointed because you stopped caring, you stopped paying attention... you don't give a shit... nothing will change, you know this.
I'm glad I worked so hard to don't need to hold people around me, I need noone. I can pay my rent, I can buy my food, I can pay my bills by myself, I can stay alone... I don't need to lie or make a fake life. I'm kinda free, and I say kinda just because the only that make me slave is when people lie to me and don't let me choose. I'll always fight to know the truth, because the truth make me free to take decisions, to can choose, to be free to accept something/someone or to be free to leave it.
But people work hard to hold their lies, to lie themselves, to neglect the truth.. they so afraid to change, to grow up, to take decisions, to deal with the consequences, to lose their comfort...and I don't care anymore about them... I chose be free and walk alone.