December 29th, 2016

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Mike got a new addiction: Magic Cards. He bought more cards, sleeves, dices, and he also sorted all my cards in an album. He has spent more than 250usd last month buying cards. And he's going to make playmats for us, I would love it! bbg.jpg So far I chose play with black/blue deck and maybe he will plays with black/red.
We had an argument yesterday but as usual we fixed it talking. I like it about us. Always we have an argument our relationship become stronger.
It's summer and hot, I feel tired and still couldn't continue my workout yet. I feel weak, prolly cuz I keep losing weight even when I feel I don't. Everybody tell me I'm so thinny but I see myself normal to be honest. I still wanna get better legs and butt. However I need eat more to have energy to do exercises.
Work, still stressing. So many things to organize and to do, I still dealing with the shit that ex sales manager did, but at least I'm earning more money now and I can buy whatever I want!!!Just_Cuz_13.gif and in few days I'm getting the last pay rise. So far I boughy 2 pair of shoes and the gifts for Christmas. I have no bills and I'm saving money for next vacations with Mike. I'm looking for another pair of shoes to buy and a bag prolly. blush.gif