January 5th, 2017


 Today I had appointment with Doctor for check my hands. Pain in my elbows are because swollen. Pain in the hands? he's not sure because the joints aren't swollen at all. So he sent me to do many tests: blood, X.-ray, electromyogram, Schirmer test, Rose of Bengal test and another test to check if I have dry mouth. Many of those test has to do with neurones and inmune system. He also checked the last thyrod test I did and he said it was not 100% fine but still in acceptable parameters. 
Something I don't like about going to Clinic is that i get foreign doctors latelly.. first it was just for medic guard... now it's with appointments too. This happens because our universities are free, then they come to our country to study or to do medical residence... usually they talk using words or expressions that we don't even use, and I'm not sure how much experience they have. I think they sallaries are lower than a doctor from our country and for this Clinics hire them, but I don't like a foreign medic care my health in my own country. It bother me
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