January 7th, 2017

Holy shit... we need Sherlock Holmes

 Today when I got work all my coworkers what outside... we were robbed!!!! 
Door wasn't forced, they went throught the roof, broke 3 bars from the windows then jumped inside. We have 7 cameras but this mother fuckers know how to walk to cams can't catch them. He cut the wires of external cameras then he went inside throught the window, directly to the kitchen and unpluged all the cameras... this person knew where cameras was plugged in. And it wasn't the only this ppl knew. 
They just were to specif offices and checked just 2 desk... in one of those was our cash. They didn't pick the 3 notebooks we have, or cellphones, or TV screen, just the new machines that we sell wich are very expensive. They didn't take any used machine, just the new machines that we got this week....
They went to the depot and pick other new machines we had in stock. They know how to avoid all the cameras before unplug them, they know the only way to go inside, they knew EVERYTHING. It was a perfect job. And ofc security company wich monitor the alarm said it didn't sound, and they just had a report because power went off.... so we asked... you see alarm got offline because power off and you didn't called us or even send someone to check???? they said that they wait 5 hours before send someone when power goes off..... WTF???????? someone there didn't do the job and we got fucked up badly. I'm so mad about.
My boss is very nervous and sad, she was about to cry all the time. The machines they stole cost too much money because it's industrial machines, and they stole at least 20 machines.
When we saw someone robbed us we didn't go inside, we called the police and the security company. The police sent 4 patrols cars and they went inside ready to shot, but of course there wasn't anyone! 
They didn't let us go inside, they checked nobody was there then they call scientific police. Policeman told us we have to wait they come to collect evidence then we will go in. They come 5 hours after!!!! There is just 1 scientific police patrol for a big area. We had to wait outside when it was 31º+... so fucking hot.
Scientific police collected many fingerprints, I hope they get something with this but i doubt. When they left we went inside and checked videos from cameras... sadly we didn't get something useful there. Security company came to fix the alarm wich the robbers tried to break. My coworkers solder again the bars in the windows. The damage was done. 
The insurance will pay part of the money we lost but just a small part i guess.
I HATE THIS COUNTRY. My boss doesnt deserve this. I hope our company could stay open, I don't want to lose my work, I like what I do there :(
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