January 11th, 2017

Netflix Original Series: Marco Polo - Daredevil

I'm so pissed about Netflix cancelled the 3rd season of Marco Polo. I read it's about money... they spent too much money making season 1 and 2 and they didn't have the expected success. I don't know how many people watched it but this serie is GREAT... excelent actors, awesome scenes, and the story caught me.
Last episode of season 2 is OMG...it makes me anxious and mad because I want... no... I NEED to know how this story would continue but... THERE IS NOT A 3RD SEASON!!!!! and there won't have any final for this serie. It is very disrespectful for the people who were watching it.
John Fusco wrote me on Twitter but he didn't confirm why Netflix cancelled it. He said they already wrote the 3rd season. If nobody will put the money to produce it I hope they let us read it... maybe in a nobel format, I don't care how but this serie really deserve a final.
Anyway, after few days pissed I wanted to watch some serie. People is talking about Sherlock season 4... my Netflix still doesnt show it... more pissed I am... some series I'm watching there isn't a new season yet: House of Cards, Stranger Things, Hatters back off, The Flash, Rick and Morty... others I started to watch but they didnt get all my attention: Vikingos, American Horror Story, Black Mirror, Prison Break, Orange is the new black... so yesterday I started watching another Netflix Original Serie: Daredevil. So far it is another super hero serie: good looking boy who suffered in the past trying to save the world. I watched 4 episodes... let's see what happens.
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Eljay app to update journals

I found this application for Android called Eljay to update journals like Livejournal, Dreamwidth, deadjournal and Insanejournal.
The style options when you create a post are just Bold and Italic. You can add a link and 'Read More'. Crossposting works. You can link an user too. But I don't see an option to add images. There is the only bad thing I found so fat. If anyone know how to add a pic please let me know.