January 13th, 2017

I'll survive

 This week at work was really hard. Too many things to organize, too many things that fix, and the robbery... I'm so stressed, so tired, exhausted...however I did workout and I tried to not stay at the computer when I'm at home. Instead playing online games I lie in bed and watches series... I forced myselft to have some rest but I can't help feeling it is a waste of my time. The good thing about the week is that my mind was so bussy that I didn't argue with Mike 
I was afraid that the company had to close because the robbery but seems we can survive even when the company lost too much money. I'm learning many things from my new position, I love it. There are a lot of opportunities for me now. I had an argument with that asssociate seller who was stealing money with ex salles manager. He was crying to my boss about a quote he was asking for and we didn't send to him yet. So my boss called me to her office to explain to this guy why we didn't send it. Since he was claiming to me I gave to him an explanation then I claimed to him about all the things we were askingto him and he didn't give us an answer yet... seems he didn't expect it then he started talking to me in a derogative tone, and also arrogant. My boss and her daugther were in the office listening our argument. I put this fucker in his place and my boss supported me because all I'm doing is just my work, and because I deffend the interests of the company. 
I'll do some mistakes for sure, but feels really good having her support.
I said to her daugther all the dirty business I see or I think people is doing there... not gossip, but things that she needs to pay attention to avoid someone fuck the company up again. From now I need stop worry about what people did before and put focus on what I have to do now. Fat guy is atrying to be nice with me, excessivelly nice... but I'm not so dumb how it looks... I know he runs to me to tell me all that he knows that people was doing to I talk with my boss and fuck people up. He pretends he's friendly with everybody while he speaks shit about they to me. I don't trust him. I trust noone. and now is when I love being rational instead impulsive. "I think, therefore I am"
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