January 21st, 2017

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 Yesterday after work I got home, took a shower and lied in bed to watch some series, bored as fuck. I got pissed cuz boredom and hot weather then I got up and went to do shopping I really need stop spending money on shopping, god. I'm very good to save money but latelly I just spend money when I'm sad, happy, bored, whatever. 
This time I went to market and I got 40% off for some things for the house. Few things I just bought cuz the smell, like candles, liquid soap, etc >.<

I bought towel, scrubbers, bath mat, candles, soaps and body cream.

After shopping I came back home and I cooked pizza. I played L2 with Mike for 2 hours then I got tired of sitting at the computer and I went to bed to watch Daredevil.
They introduce Elektra in the serie but I don't like her at all. Arrogant and stupid bitch, world is full of that kind of women!