February 2nd, 2017


I feel weak... every day. I don't know if this is because the weather, or my diet, maybe because my slow heart? dunno, but I've been trining for 10 months at least and i don't feel much stronger. I lost 13 lb and my body has been changed some but I feel stucked and weak. I'll try again the natural vitamins wich I've stopped taking because I got allergy, and I'll try to fix my eating, something that will be really hard, but if my weakness has to do with my heart then I'm fucked. I don't know if my sinus bradycardia is messing with my training... if this kind of heart condition is normal to ppl who do training then I think it can't make me weak... can this?
Doctor did a test to check my heart while I running and my it works fine when I'm training... I do not have arrhythmia. So I guess it can be because my diet. Prolly I should eat meat more often, or drink less coffee or eat more vegetals... or I have not fucking idea 

This week I'm not doing the BBG exercises. I do bike, few squats and stretching. I'll keep this routine maybe for 1 more week, try to release stress, fix my diet and see how I feel