February 11th, 2017

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 Today at work we organized our tasks with boss' daughter. I didn't suggest who have to do every task, then I ended in charge of more things than my coworker: quotes, statistics, commissions, tenders, process sales, send tax information to clients, newsletters, brouchures, print certifies and cards of our courses... my coworker will do 4 tasks... and bosses want we set the sales objetive together... again they incoherents because they were working on this with my coworker without include me. 
I don't know how I feel... a little stupid because I'm doing more work than him and we will have the same salary, or maybe he earn more money than me, a little motivated because I could learn a lot og things doing all these tasks, a little mad because I feel he got adventage of this new situation. I dont care if he earn money working hard, but he is trying to do fake work, but since I can delegate some quotes to him when I have too much to do I'll do it always I see he is doing nothing. 
Anyways I got 2 pay rise so this is a motivation to do my work. 
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 Today I took Martu to the cinema, we watched Lego Batman 3D. I was ready to get bored as fuck but it was funny and Martu enjoyed it so much because we never went alone to the cinema 

When I got home I tried to work, but I couldn't... I do not feel inspired to design, so I drank coffee and watched the movie "In time" with Justim Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. It got 4 and 1/2 stars. I don't think it's great but at least this serve to recreate my view.... he's sexy lol
Now I'm trying to design a newsletter and of course, I had another coffee