February 17th, 2017

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 I don't know what to do about work. The situation at work becomes very hard to hold then yesterday we all had a meeting with my bosses. I was the only who had balls to talk about the internal issues and I did it with specifics examples and giving names, not to acusse people but to get a solution... this meet was about people attitude... one of my coworkers wich works in the same office than me, the fat one, didn't have balls to talk about the things that bother him from the superman boy.... and superman boy just spoke after I said to him some things that bother me, like when he talks shit about all the work we did before he joined our department. Then he excuse his attitude saying that I never help him when he ask for something.... yes... he call "ask for help" the act to say "why we dont have X thing???? how can you work in this way???? it's a shame that people work like this" etc etc.. I answer to him... if this is your way to ask for help don't expect I help you because I fell ur words disrespectful.
Another think he said is that I don't want help him to get the information that he needs... and about this the daughter of my boss claimed to me that my coworker wasted a lot of time to get the info for his report when I had this info and I used it to do a report alone.... I told her.... we all were together when he asked where he can get the information he needs, and I said to both of you "this information you can find in X files in our dropbox (wich he has acces)"... and said this twice to him, so don't tell me that I didn't help him... and I did my report after he did his report alone. But my coworker keeps saying that every time he ask where he can fin something I just reply "in the dropbox"..I had to ask him "how many times I get up from my chair and go to ur computer to show you how to get something????" 
He acts like a victim and one of my bosses believe him, so I stopped the argument there because I'm not like him, I won't lie to harm other people like he does. 

After the meeting fat boy and I spoke to my coworker  and we told to him that we don't like his attitude... always complaining about everything, when we ask to him what happens trying to help he answer "nothing" or "this place is full idiot people" and I also told him I don't like he's always talking bs about other coworkers, and calling them "son of bitch, asshole, retard" etc talking behind their back. He keeps an arrogant attitude and replied "well if this made u uncomfortable I will keep that things for myself"
I also told him if he needs something and my answer doesn't help him then let me know, if I talk bad to him then let me know, we can talk about till fix our issues.
He told us that bother him we waste time trying to get a way to avoid associate sellers fuck the company instead get solutions they need. And he use as example something that we said talking to my boss, that ex sales manager is trying to fuck him up. We explain to him we were just showing to him our support... then he replied "I don't need u showed nothing to me, I don't waste my time looking what this person does"    so incoherent because he is always telling to me "did you see the mail he sent to me?" "did you see what he replied to me???"
And at morning we had and argument because sellers need we send the quotes in no more than 24 hours and he doesn't help to me with quotes when I have to do other tasks... so I have to look for solutions for the sellers but he doesnt have to do the same???? 
After that we all went back to our office and the first he did was talk shit about one of our sellers.... 

Today fat boy and me tried to be nice, sharing things, making conversations etc, he didn't join us. I'm thinking what I will do since I'm the only who say the things to people on their faces. With my other coworkers I don't have issues. If there is some misunderstood we spoke and fix it.But with superman boy when I say to him what my issue is he lies to justify himself...and it perjudicate me. I should ignore him but I can't because he's the responsable of our department. In the other hand, I DONT WANT working with a person who is abusive, disrespectful and lies. I can't trust him, I can't respect him...so how to fix this to can work together?


 The good news today is I got a ticket to go to U.S. for vacations with Michael 

We are going again to Orlando, maybe same hotel. I don't know, seems Mike prefer this kind of hotels like condo instead the classic hotels. I like it more too but I'm sure they are expensive.
What I already know I want go more days to the beach, and I prefer Tampa beaches instead Cocoa. Last time we were to Universal Studios so maybe this time we go to Disney, I'm not sure if I want. 
In the time we are going, there will be a Magic cards event: Grand Prix Orlando. I wonder if we can go to see how they play.